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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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thought he was the greatest of all time, he elaborated. he's confident with himself. he took a year off last year at this time. he was fishing, watching football. he's playing a significant role in the super bowl this year playing with injuries to the 49ers receivers. this is what he said. when he was asked if he felt he was the greatest receiver of all time, here is his response. >> i think now that i'm older i do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever do it. i don't think numbers stand. you know, you talk about this and this. i think this year has been a down year for me statistically. the year before i retired was a down year. oakland was a down year. i don't live on numbers. i live on impact and what you're able to do on the field. i think i'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game.
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>> there will be argument and debate about that comment. first what's coming up on comcast sports net bay area. chronicle live starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight. check out the one-hour central special at 6:30. a lot of people in san francisco saying i wond ohher what jerry rice thinks about that comment. rice the one some consider the greatest receiver of all times. jerry rice has the most receiving yards, reception, touchdown of any receiver ever to play. he says you've got to look at how you impacted the game, too. he held up his hand wearing a super bowl ring. randy moss is still looking for his first. however a great talent and randy will be huge in the super bowl. >> randy moss. that's a good talent. rice has the vote. three rings, that says it. keeping with the game here, one
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lucky niners fan will join ahmed in new orleans. >> kristy smith caught up with him this morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the trip of a lifetime for son any. he hasn't missed a 49ers home game in years. he's going to the super bowl. how are you feeling? >> really good, excited. almost time to head to new orleans. >> give us a look at the super bowl tickets. >> there they are. >> reporter: these didn't come cheap. >> no. the face value is $950. i spent $4900 on this ticket. quite a bit p. >> reporter: what's so special about this team that you are willing to not only go to the game but hop on a plane, go halfway across the country. what's special about the niners? >> during the football season, that's all i care about.
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sfrks what do you think of this amazing quarterback? it's just been incredible. >> i think kaepernick will take it to the next level. he's got a strong arm. he can move around. he has a lot of confidence. >> reporter: i have been to new orleans. it's quite something. what are your plans while you're there waiting for the super bowl to start? >> obviously around the french quarter. having time attending parties. >> reporter: your prediction? >> 49ers.
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31 to 21. >> reporter: have a great time in new orleans. it's one of the funnest cities i have been to. reporting in san francisco i'm kristy smith. >> another devoted niners fan is on her way to new orleans this morning but the once in a lifetime trip almost didn't happen because of a ticket scam. sharon as good bought four tickets for $5900. she wired him the money. when the envelope arrived there were no tickets inside. just a picture of the two starting quarterbacks and a note saying, quote, enjoy the game, go ravens, lol. what a bunch of jerks. osgood trusted the man. she had a name, phone number and had spoken to him several times over the phone before she sent the money. >> after four days of conversations, four and a half days, we didn't think this was a
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hoax. who would go through all that. really? if you were trying to scam somebody would you continue text messaging, e-mailing, phone calling. >> the ceo of ticketmaster heard about the story and gave her four tickets to the big game. nice. the 49ers chipped in another ticket to allow her entire family to make the trip. investigators still looking for the clowns trying to track down the man or men behind the scam. things are heating up in new orleans. more reports on the way this morning and the latest information every morning starting at 5:00 online and at nbc bay >> happening now after nearly 30 years of mystery. san francisco police have new leads in the disappearance of a 10-year-old boy. kevin collins was last seen in
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1984. police serves a search warrant. >> good morning. this is one of the stories that if you have lived in the bay area you can remember. he was one of the first kids to appear on a milk carton. investigators were back out at this home on ma sonic avenue between page and tate. we are in the hate ashbury district. they drilled through the concrete garage floor where cadaver dogs picked up a scent. sure enough they did find opens. the medical examiner says they appear to be animal bones but
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it's not certain. it happened where kevin collins disappeared on february 10, 1984. we spoke to his brother who lives in the bay area. kevin was on his way home from basketball practice and was last seen near oak and ma sonic. he said they have been through it before. >> we're skeptical until something really concrete is shown. >> it's important -- it would be nice to have that concrete closure, the real closure. >> reporter: neighbors say yesterday wasn't the first time investigators have been here. they say the investigation seemed to heat up in december.
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they say a person of interest used to live here and police could be releasing a picture of the man soon. but that information has not been confirmed. live in san francisco, "today in the bay." >> marking 24 years to the day a dublin girl disappeared. a walk and prayer service held tonight by the school where 13-year-old eileen micheloff was last seen walking home in 1989. her family and supporters traveling the same path eileen took before she was abducted. the public invited to the walk tonight. a church service will be held at the raymond catholic church. >> fies to get answers.
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let's switch gears and check the wet rt. >> upper 30s, mid 40st. offshore breezes around santa rosa. during the day we'll see winds offshore helping to keep the skies mostly clear. 60 around san francisco. probably warmer for thursday and friday. cooler as we approach saturday. >> we're looking over here toward 880. a smooth drive past the colosseum with the northbound tail lights and high street just north of here on maps. there is a zone between the colosseum and 980. both directions into downtown. no slowing. i did see blips for the last few minutes. there might be equipment on the move for the northbound side.
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east 80 heading up into berkeley. we have slowing. there is construction there. we'll look at the live shot. the tail lights are sparsely populated eastbound. the commute building a little bit heading into richmond to the east shore freeway. clear sailing. >> thanks so much. >> coming up, one of the biggest names in baseball this morning being accused of doping. you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver.
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listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. welcome back. changes taking place but drivers likely won't notice a difference. the bridge will be testing the new all electronic system today. the existing cash and fast track toll system and the new pay by plate will be live.
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they are expected to go without toll takers in march. christine smith spoke with a spokesperson for the bridge and will have a live report at 5:30. >> today on capitol hill, lawmakers out there trying to close the loophole for wealthy americans and of course facebook's mark zuckerberg in the 2%. his company will face investors today. scott, that's good news. >> the expectation is facebook will get started handling the mobile system. so many people leaving the traditional web page in favor on ipads and iphones. facebook has been working hard. the stock has been moving steadily upward. at $30.79 it's far below the ipo price we saw last may. the trial that will never end. apple and sam sung. last night judge koh said she
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would not reduce the penalty against sam sung for copy right infringement. sam sung willingly copied the iphone. let's check on markets. jackie deangelis. good morning. >> good morning, scott. the future is higher this morning. investors shrugging off a report showing consumer confidence dropped this month. tech could get help today. we're going to get data on private sector jobs and fourth quarter gdp. the big milestone there. it hasn't hit the mark since 2007. it rose 72 points yesterday. the nasdaq slipping a fraction to 3153. another big story on toyota
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recalling more than 750,000 ka ro las. matrix vehicles in the u.s. the air bags could deploy when they are not supposed to. toyota received reports of injuries and two accidents. the automaker is recalling lexus i.s. vehicles because of a problem with the windshield wipers. they could not work in certain conditions like snow -- exactly when you need them. >> john and laura, digital artist and composer in santa cruz created this. the "downton abbey" video game for nintendo. i showed you this yesterday. this is a p mock-up. no game exists. but lord crowley needing to find all the cigars. he wanders around the estate looking for them. bill kiley write it is music and came up with this. >> there's carson. >> if you're a fan of nintendo
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and "downton abbey" and that may be me. that's pure gold. >> and me and a few others in the newsroom. we love it. >> rob, did you check that out? >> i haven't yet. i need to. i think no matter how you cut it, it's a nice day around the bay area. now in the 30s and 40s outside. clear skies, no fog. the air is dry. not much new. the wind will clear things out. air quality in the north bay and south bay. back into the moderate range. high pressure building in, acting like a lid.
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that can lead to spare the air days. today, mostly 60s around the bay area. we'll get close to 70 around santa cruz over the next couple of afternoons. a few extra clouds and cooling. high pressure keeping us dry here. you have been stuck in mid winter dry spell off the ridge hanging on to the west coast. storm track staying northward into the weekend. around the bay area. not allowing much in the way of cloud cover. low to mid 60s around san jose. near 60. close to 60 and 65 around santa rosa. temperatures climbing up a little bit more as we get closer to the start of the weekend.
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for the indoor and outdoor super bowl plans. quest for 60s in the temperatures this weekend. >> i like it. over to the south bay, too. a smooth drive. cupertino. keep it in mind as you head through. give yourself five minutes to get back to northbound 85. this is an issue. east 237 down to south 880. there is construction and reports passing by. no reports of this. we have equipment and congestion in the area south. we're looking over here at the tri valley.
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this construction is overnight westbound. we do see slueing past north livermore. no problem at the dublin interchange. a live look out at the peninsula. easy for the pattern into san francisco in palo alto. the bay bridge traffic coming off the city side lower deck into the city upper deck. nice flow of traffic. >> thank you very much. it's 5:20. a big story out of major league baseball. the league investigating a miami clinic for allegedly supplying performance enhancing drugs to a number of current star players including former ace pitcher gio gonzales. the miami news times is reporting malki cabrera and yankees third baseman alex rodriguez among a half dozen players listed in the records of the anti-aging clinic bio general nis of america llc. we can tell you that clinic is closed.
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cabrera, colon and rodriguez have tested positive in the past. this is the first time for gonzales who is now a washington national and he's been linked for the first time for performance enhancing drugs. >> 5:21. coming up super bowl coverage continues. people betting on all kinds of things including the brotherly handshake between the harbaughs. >> as the niners search for super bowl title number 6 we take a look at the key moments from the past. the magical fifth trophy. >> we all heard what everybody said in minnesota. we all heard the commitments to 39 days and everybody in this room gave that commitment. that's why we have this. [ cheers ] >> this super bowl ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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welcome back, everybody. a live look over the city by the bay. that is san francisco, the home of your san francisco 49ers. down the new orleans. we have weather coming up with rob and mike will be here to talk about traffic. let's talk super bowl stuff in las vegas. brisk business when it comes to the super bowl even getting crazy bets. >> some of the funniest. beyonce's hairstyle during the halftime show. >> really? >> vegas offering even odds that it will be crimped or curly. >> i love it. >> people betting on the collar of her clothes and the odds of favoring black. >> we warrantee sguarantee she' sound great. >> ray lewis, how many times she eh eel mention god or the lord.
5:24 am
the over/under is three. >> it is on sunday. what about this -- how long will the post game handshake between jim and john harbaugh last. the over/under is seven and a half seconds. >> the odds makers are good. >> does it include the half hug? >> the bro hug. >> there you go. >> in new york, jimmy fallon talking about the pros and cons of the super bowl this morning. >> got to love fallon. taking a shot at everything from the 49ers slogan to, of course, the kardashians. take a listen. >> pro, the 49ers team slogan is who's got it better than us? nobody. con, baltimore's is that's so ravens. pro, the word 49 hers refers to people in california that dig for gold. con, so does the word kardashian. >> wow! bam. >> fun zingers there. >> 5:27. let's see what weather is zinging us.
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rob, what's going on? >> a nice start to the morning. brisk outside. you need a light winter coat. 30s and 40s for now. nothing but clear skies and sunshine for the afternoon. we should be safely in the 60s today. near 60 san francisco. mid 60s around the south bay trending warmer here to wrap up the work week. for a look at the morning commute here's mike. >> traffic is light. easy over the bay. look at the peninsula with the drive and easy flow on the maps. we have the approach to the san mateo bridge slow the fr the east bay. we have a deer reported hit. injured deer on south 280 around edge wood. watch as crews arrive on scene to hopefully help get some medical attention for it. headlights past tesla, not a problem. >> thank you very much. >> 5:27 now. still to come on "today in the bay," a bay area man gets ready to file suit against the boy scouts of america.
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it has been almost 30 years since kevin collins was last seen in san francisco. there could be a big break in the case. i'm marla teyes with the latest coming up. >> 30st and 40st outside. by the afternoon you may think it feels more like spring around the bay area. a look at the forecast coming up. >> traffic starting to build. we'll show you slow downs with crews on the move and the build off at the east bay. >> let's take a live look outside. look at the lights lighting up in the south bay. you made it to wednesday. halfway through the work week. january 30. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm john kelly. good morning. yes, it's time to get down to
5:29 am
serious business. turning serious this morning. today is when the real work starts. the team taking the field to get ready for the super bowl on sunday. >> the fun and games of media day are done. yesterday joe receiving a tattoo sleeve. a little flex, bicep kiss. beautiful. >> i have bad news. there was no lady in a wedding dress, no batman, spider-man. but there was plenty of weird at the media day inside the super bowl. colin kaepernick was swarmed by media there. we saw guys in math, a clown. we saw a couple of guys wearing
5:30 am
capes. your fix of weird right there. reporters jabs at media day is as much to get a laugh as to get information. we have the perfect reporter for that. a 49ers linebacker. we gave him the microphone and said, you go ask the question. >> who is the ugliest person on the team? >> we have a few. i'll leave it to you. >> i think it's anthony dixon. >> agree. >> who is the most unattractive person on the team? >> anthony dixon without a doubt. >> you heard it. >> who is the most unattractive person on the team? >> definitely not me. >> i didn't ask was it you. i asked who is it. i have my guess. i said ian williams. >> hmm.
5:31 am
>> i don't want to come off as a hater, but -- >> you heard him say ian williams, everybody. >> you know, i thought they all looked fine. we have chronicle live at 5:00. one-hour edition of central live at 6:30. one more note. it is supposed to rain in new orleans. >> thanks, mike. tonight is your chance to see some of your favorite 49ers on the musical stage -- sort of. beach blanket baby lon joining in on the super bowl action. the longest running musical revue in theater history will perform a special 49ers act with jim harbaugh, colin kaepernick
5:32 am
and frank gore. the trio will perform the famous hit, "we are the champions." of course it's not the actual 49ers. too busy. gearing up for sunday. it will be a good show. >> word is harbaugh isn't a bad singer. back in new orleans. law enforcement has come up with with its own defensive game plan. # 1300 federal agents. 270 state troopers will be there to help the police in new orleans, help the local guys out. the coast guard will be patrolling the lower mississippi river for coastal threats. the pentagon says norad will be monitoring the skies, ready to scramble fighter jets at a moment's notice. never forget. nbc bay area, your home for all things super bowl. live reports from new orleans all week long. they will be starting at 5:00. set your calendar and alarm. of course your 24-hour niners coverage on
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>> happening now, san francisco police may have discovered a a missing link in the disappearance of kev collins. the 10-year-old vanished in 1984. there is a new twist in the investigation. marla has the latest on a clue that led detectives to the garage of the home. good morning. we are between page and hate street. police came out and with the help of cadaver dogs they ended up finding bones beneath the garage floor. investigators drilled through the concrete where the dogs detected a scent. the medical examiner says the bones appear to belong to an animal. we are now waiting for the proper testing to be done in order to confirm or deny the
5:34 am
notion. kevin collins family members say it would be nice to get closure after almost 30 years. neighbors tell us this is not the first time detectives have been in the area. one woman says officers showed up at her door in december wanting to look into her neighbor's yard. >> they wanted to come into my room. you can see out my window into the backyard. they said there was a homicide investigation about something that happened 20 years ago. >> reporter: kevin collins was last seen near the intersection of oak and ma sonic a couple of blocks from where we are this morning. that was back on february 10, 1984. his disappearance gripped the bay area and even gained national attention as he was one of the first missing kids to appear on a milk carton. if you lived in the bay area for some time, there is no doubt you remember. i can tell you as a little girl i can remember seeing kevin
5:35 am
collins picture on the back of our milk cartons. it's one of the stories you can never forget. in fact, i spoke to more neighbors as we were walking by. they didn't want to appear on camera. they said they have lived here all this time and they are surprised there could be a big break in the case. we'll have to wait and see. live in san francisco, marla teyes, "today in the bay." >> what a sad mystery it is. abuse happening when the victim was 14 years old. now the coast guard. the lawsuit will be announced in san francisco this morning. >> all right. enjoying nice temperatures this week. let's check the forecast with rob in for christina. >> a nice start to the morning. a little bit warmer this morning than the last few we have seen over the week so far. we are at 44 degrees in
5:36 am
livermore. 41 in san jose. 30s around napa. winds are light. they will turn offshore into the afternoon. that will take the wind from the mountains. as dare descends down it will dry out and warm up. santa rosa and places like santa cruz in the 60s. mild fog for the morning commute. temperatures climbing up the as high pressure keeps the skies mostly clear, mostly dry. there you see the numbers. mid 60s south of san jose. close to the mid 60s. the temperatures jump up a couple of decrgrees tomorrow. a little bit cooler as we edge into the weekend. >> there is a clear flow of traffic. looking past the colosseum with the tail lights and more twinkling, moving at a good pace. the map will show you north of this area we have the construction from north of high
5:37 am
street up to 60th in the opposite direction from 980 into downtown. watch there. no major slowing. the tri valley looks good approaching the dublin interchange. we have the crew that just cleared from north livermore. might improve and then will continue. in a live look outside we'll end with a live look at the north bay. back to you. >> really good. the niners down. the sharks also on a big time roll. details coming up next. >> and the big tent starts today. there will be no more toll takers to hand your money to. how do you pay? e we'll run down the options coming up.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. it's 5:41 now. gun rights activists holding a rally in san francisco this morning. they are there to speak out against a proposed ban on assault weapons. the western representation political action committee will
5:40 am
hold a press conference on post street at 10:00. the group claims anti-gun legislation won't have an effect on crime rates. today's rally is a precursor to the national day of resistance, a series of pro gun rallies taking place february 23. >> in washington the senate judiciary committee will begin hears on gun violence. among the attendees the husband of shooting survivor gabrielle giffords. tracie potts joins us live on capitol hill with details about the emotional few days. good morning. >> could be an emotional hearing. now this morning we are hearing not only will mark kelly testify but his wife gabrielle giffords is supposed to make a surprise visit and testimony as well. her husband mark kelly, we understand, will be talking about the university server shall background checks and whether or not it's a good idea. he backs it.
5:41 am
they have now started this organization that's essentially a lobby effort for gun control and as a gun owner himself, mark kelly said he thinks the nra did a great job when it comes to safety. he thinks they are on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to a weapons ban. we'll hear from the nra ceo wayne la pierre that studies have shown crime didn't go down. he'll say according to his prepared testimony that university server shall background checks target the wrong people. you want to catch a the criminals and they get around the background checks and get weapons. interesting testimony coming up before the senate judiciary committee on the issue of gun violence. >> a lot of them out there on the streets. thanks, tracy. >> among with the gun control congress begins the debate over immigration reform. the two sides trying to sort out differences between their plan and president obama's version. one key issue, how long it will take for people already living
5:42 am
in the u.s. illegally to become citizens. immigrants, they say five years. congress wants the border secured first which could take time. >> we believe in immigration. we believe in law. we shouldn't reward those who violate the law. >> it will lift these individuals out of the shadows. >> a bipartisan group is pushing a bill to keep more high tech foreign workers here in the country. >> today is a day of observance in california in honor of an oakland man. japanese american fred kor irk matsu refused to enter an interment camp. the case would lead the supreme court to examine the legality of the camp. in 2010 then governor arnold schwarzenegger declared january 30 fred korimatsu day.
5:43 am
utah has followed suit. rob is here for christina loren. like the 49ers the weather forecast gets better and better. >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> great compared to the rest of the country. they have active weather east of the mississippi. clear skies here. a little bit of a chilly start. 30s and 40s outside now. san jose, 41. no fog this morning. the wind will pick up a little bit toward the afternoon. mainly light winds. around the hill tops of the bay area. offshore winds picking up. things start to warm up. we'll see the winds down to sea level. offshore winds keeping skies mostly clear. as high pressure builds in, look out for the air quality to drop off a little bit for smoke particle pollution. it's moderate for the north bay around san jose. good for the central bay, east bay and south central bay. these levels may creep up. temperatures creeping up mid 60s the warmest today.
5:44 am
close to 70 in santa cruz as we wrap up the weekend for now. will bring in more clouds. high pressure holding its ground. the rain off to the north stays there for a while. patches of clouds. the winds push the cloud ace way from the coast thursday and friday. mostly sunny skies, pleasant temperatures no matter where you go. mid to upper 60s today. closer to san jose. we should see low to mid 60s. 63-degree temperatures. three-day forecast. warmest days of the week for coastal locations. tomorrow into friday and for the weekend, a little bit of cooling now. clouds spilling in, but it's not spilling super bowl sunday plans. things staying dry into the start of next week as well. mike? >> we are looking at the tri
5:45 am
valley area. more slowing coming into livermore. there was construction in the westbound commute direction. it cleared about 20 minutes ago. the slower start may have been enough to keep it going in through livermore. by isabelle things are smooth. we start to see the slow down and the approach to the dublin interchange. a smoother drive now. we'll watch down to south bay. we do see a smooth drive-thru the south bay. right on schedule, it will sort itself out. but debris is out there as well. so far no lanes reported blocked. we have lanes reported closed south. one southbound lane closed south of 237. trying to pick up volume as well. eastbound 237 transitioned to south 880 may have a crew there. south 280, north 85. crews clearing as you head
5:46 am
through. a smooth drive. light volume of traffic here. we'll see how things shape up. north or south with the headlights moving smoothly between the city and palo alto here. a triple shot here for the morning. there's the east shore freeway. there is the incline and approach or departure from the city bay bridge and the east shore freeway moving smoothly. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. as you know, mike, the morning commuters using the golden gate bridge will see something different. testing on a new high tech collecting system. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a test. a picture of what's to come. you will have several ways to pay to cross the golden gate bridge. what's different is you won't be able to go ahead, dig in the pocket and hand cash to toll taker. they are going to a new system.
5:47 am
this will be different for people. they have accepted cash since the bridge opened for almost 76 years. tell us about the test. people may or may not notice. >> we are testing options that will be up in 60 days. we are still taking cash but have the new all electronic toll system for a 60 day testing period. the public doesn't have to worry. even when we switch over we have a new layer. you will get a bill in the mail. if you don't know what to do, drive-thru and the license plate will then generate a bill to your address. if you don't know about fast track, you will get a bill in the mail.
5:48 am
you can pay at the round house. >> why did you decide to do this? >> there are a number of reasons. one is cost saving. collecting manually is twice as much as fast track or more than twice as much. this is the way it's going. proven technology being used around the country and around the globe. it's also offering more customer choice. just providing that. also we are going to improve the weekend traffic flow through the plaza. that's when we have congestion. right now you won't see congestion because we have fast track. on the weekends, the peak nights we have congestion. we'll clear it up for people. >> reporting live, kristy smith,
5:49 am
"today in the bay." >> thank you very much. we talk about the niners but we can't forget about the sharks. the shootout win has pushed the team to a 6-0 record in this very shortened season. we are undefeated. they beat the rival ducks 3-2 last night. the sharks will be back in action tomorrow night. can you imagine? >> we have bay area with fever. looking forward to it. 5:50 now. coming up, why playing the role of steve jobs may have sent ashton kutcher to the hospital. >> the american economy sweeps in the last quarter. we'll take a look. >> as we follow the 49ers quest for six it's nice to look back at a history of the franchise. wind number 5. super bowl 29. >> here comes rice from the locker room. i guess he's ready for more.
5:50 am
>> catch by rice. beat the defender on the play. touchdown 49ers. what a move he made on richards. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
5:51 am
some things won't last 25 years.
5:52 am
ah! woof! some things will.
5:53 am
to reset the phone so you don't have to pull out the battery when the phone doesn't work. that's a bad sign. amazon doesn't say how many kindles it sells. it says e-book business up 70% year over year while the actual book business, the paper kind is up 5%. books is how amazon started. now the company itself is pointing out it's not an exciting growth business.
5:54 am
amazon ipo was way back in 1997. giant pain to use fractions then. amazon raised $54 million back then in the ipo. about $75 million. john and laura, this guy aaron levy raised twice that in private funding for his company called fox. $150 million. that's just round one or two. amazon would have been huge in 1997. not a blip on the radar now. >> when i first heard about it i thought, what a cool way to get books. now they do so much more. thanks a lot. >> want to check in on the forecast. we should call rob mr. sunshine. you're bringing it this week. >> an easy forecast. if you liked yesterday you will see the same thing in a few hours. look at livermore.
5:55 am
49 h degrees. that's interesting. we have winds picking up in livermore now. warming things up. the offshore winds mean temperatures across the board in the 60s. maybe near 70 in santa cruz tomorrow. come friday. the weekend looks fine. cooler. the highs in the 60s. >> thank you, mr. sunshine. we'll get over here to the speed limit for northbound 101. that was the first burst. it's now spread out again as folks hit the road at almost exactly the same time. there is the slowing spread out up to 880. speeds in the 50s. we see it built for 87 and 85. we'll continue to see it over the morning. a smooth drive as well south 280. the deer is now laying in the freeway. watch it at edgewood. >> thank you very much. >> the time is 5:57 a. still ahead, back to new orleans for a look at controversial
5:56 am
comments from randy moss. >> and an about face from gatorade. the controversial ingredient being taken out of the popular sports drink. >> right now a live look at where your 49ers will be kicking off in 2014. the new stadium in santa clara is a sight to see. we'll be right back.
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i really do think i'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game. >> here's a question. who is the greatest on the gridiron? we bring you candid comments. controversy ahead. a live report from new orleans. >> digging for answers in a young boy's disappearance. the clue that could give a bay area family the closure they have waited decades to find. >> we're seeing 49 degrees this morning in livermore. hinting at warm breezes warming up temperatures around the bay area today.
5:59 am
the forecast is coming up. >> and we have slowing. i'll show you where coming up. >> a nice shot of the port of oakland there. that will fill your eyes with gleaming beams to get you charged up. it is wednesday, january 30 p. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> it is 6:00. a very good morning, everybody. welcome to wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm john kelly. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the 49ers and the quest for six. the niners have dealt with a quarterback controversy this year. now they might be dealing with a wide receiver's controversy pitting a current player against a legend. we are talking about randy moss and jerry rice. moss hinted about his career saying no other wide receiver in nfl history compares to him. it's a claim that has jerry ric


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